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 Self Awareness & Love - The Ultimate Orgasmic Qualities!
 Understanding The Orgasmic Being!
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Stop wasting your energy on negative thoughts. 
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The goal of 'The Divine Orgasm System' is to help uplift the consciousness of people in the world.

People just like you and me.

This system has already helped so many people everywhere remember who they are on a higher level (that is divine love).

You may even go so far as to 'study' this revolutionary new message because it's critical for your health to discover your true orgasmic self and the infinite sexual power that you possess both within and without your entire being.
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Nick Silverman
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“Wow, I've never discovered anything like this before. I didn't even know that stuff like this existed. I knew there had to be a deeper way to connect with myself and others. But I never knew that the answers I sought were all collected together in one place.

I would like to encourage people to pursue their passions, awaken the God within themselves and share the powerful divine message they’ve been given to the world

I go through the Divine Orgasm,13 ways to unleash the god within and Soul Engineering almost on a daily basis to get rejuvenated and regain my inner vitality! I love the self-empowering, self-love, and ultimate abundance messages the most. 

But really all of Jadeverett Mayhorns Lessons, Guided Affirmations, Ebooks and Courses are very profound and highly enjoyable also. Thanks again man for helping me discover myself!"
"I Absolutely Love This New Side of Myself That I've Recently Found With 'The Divine Orgasm!'"
“The Divine Orgasm", inspired me to transform my body and my life like nothing ever has before! I was suffering from not seeing myself as an orgasmic being before. 

I searched for my happiness in others and when they didn't accept me for who I was I started not accepting myself. I started to disregard my own self-love. 

Then I found this wild ebook and decided, what the heck...! Why not give it a try. I needed some new information to free me from the negative thoughts in my own head about myself. And this exactly what happened when I read, "The Divine Orgasm"! 

Now I know the love I contain within myself is more than enough. And because of it, I have men approach me almost wherever I go. My whole aura has changed and it's really thanks to Jadeverett Mayhorn and his awesome book, The Divine Orgasm!"
Jenny Dinh
Greenville, South Carolina (USA)
Julie Whitaker
Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)
"I’m Experiencing Myself And Love In A Brand New Way...."
"One of my closest girlfriends bought me access to, 'The Divine Orgasm' and 'Soul Engineering'... And all I can say is wow! I am so glad that she did.

Thanks to Jadeverett and his special teachings, I have learned to see myself for all I'm worth.

Before, I had a bad way of viewing myself, and I didn't even know how much it was hurting me and keeping me from actually being happy and looking forward to each event and any occasion. 

Now, I'm experiencing myself in a whole new way!"
"These New Secrets Boost Male Potency, Intensify Female Orgasms and Multiply Mutual Pleasure!"
"At first, I was skeptical... I mean come on... how could a book with pages and words unlock something so spiritual, deep, and humane as the eternal orgasm? 

I was a doubter for sure at first. But, within a couple of days of beginning this intense ebook, I began to feel different and I even started being different when I was around and with the opposite sex. 

It was like instead of trying to impress others (especially women) as I did before, now I was really not acting or trying at all but simply just being myself. 

And somehow like a magnet, I began to attract the opposite sex as I fell more and more in love with myself. Not in some conceited kind of way, no, not at all! But, purely in blessed and abundant self-love that I never knew or experienced before.

Now that I have realized my gifts and the amount of love I have for myself, I have grown immensely and I have much more love to give to others without expecting anything in return. 

This, I have come to realize, is one of the most amazing gifts of life. To love and be completely free of need only creates more love around you!" 
Liam Noah
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Kevin Burks
Ashland, Oregon (USA)
"Uncover The Other Side Of Yourself That You Never Even Knew Was There..." 
"Hey, I'm Kevin Burks and for years I just struggled with feeling good about myself and feeling confident around others. 

I truly lacked confidence and the belief in myself that was necessary for becoming social, less awkward, and more fun and outgoing, especially with the opposite sex.

Jadeverett and his superb self-development program, "The Divine Orgasm" awakened me up more to me with each page that I read. I loved the fact that it was short and an easy read because I am always on the go and don't have a whole lot of time to sit down and read a long book. 

But, this one got straight to the point and taught me the heart of the matter as straight as an arrow to the center of the bullseye.

I'm so glad I came across this relatively unknown ebook late one night as I was surfing the web. 

Now the consciousness of life, love, and gratitude is full of blessings and near unlimited possibility!
As You Can See...
This Proven System Has Already Helped So Many People From All Around The World...
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How to unleash the sexual healing powers of your subconscious mind!

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'The Divine Orgasm' reveals how it's possible that the mind can help to create perfect health, increase energy levels, heal illness, erase pain and much more... better than drugs.

This new-age program is guaranteed to protect you against disease, reverse the ageing process, help you lose weight, and put you in a state of indescribable ecstasy if you follow the simple directions step-by-step.
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The truth is, when it comes to sex, you’ve been kept in the dark for too long...

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Here's What You Will Discover Inside:

 The Secrets of Sacred Sensuality  
 The 6 Secret Steps for a Healthy Sex Life 
 Self Awareness & Love - The Ultimate Orgasmic Qualities
 Understanding The Orgasmic Being 
 Semen Retention & Prolonging The Orgasm 
 The Top Ways For Actually Enjoying Sex More Than Ever Before
 Sexual Energy & OrgasmPlaybook
 And so much more...
 Understanding The Universe As An Orgasm
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  • Find out how to create your own fulfillment, happiness, purpose, and fulfillment in love now.
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  • ​Cultivate sexual energy to understand your body & mind so you can elevate yourself to a whole new dimension of awareness!
  • ​Why you should NEVER rely on someone else for your orgasmic satisfaction and happiness in life!
The New Secrets To Loving Yourself & Those Around You...

Do You Want To Improve Your Relationship With Yourself & With Others By Using This Super Easy, Brand New Discovery From One Of The Most Popular Up-And-Coming Thought Leaders on Spiritual Guidance & Self-Love...?

Are You Tired Of Feeling... NO Pep? 

NO Drive? NO Energy? Or... NOT ENOUGH LOVE in your Life? 

Trust me, I get it.

Two and a half years ago I quit my engineering job because I was sick and tired of working for somebody else...

I felt so restricted, lost, and drained.

Sure, I was making $80,000+ per year... but, it just wasn't worth it.

They could've been paying me $800,00/year and I still wouldn't have stayed there!

Because, I was dying there, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I was caught in, "The Trap".

Can I ask you a question?

For how much money would you sell your happiness, passion, excitement, freedom, and purpose for existing?

Really, think about it.

You see, I never wanted to be trapped by a boss.

I hated fulfilling demands that really had nothing to do with my goals, dreams, or my ultimate desires in life...

Eventually, I felt a forceful literally move me physically towards a higher calling!

And not long after, I threw in my two-weeks notice, quit, and decided to become my own boss right then and there...

Impacting the lives of my friends, family, and cherished clients on this sort of scale has been so magnificent.

I am so grateful for the abundant opportunities I now enjoy daily. 

You see… Here's where the BIG transformation began to happen for me...

Once I was able to let go of others' expectations, I was able to become my true self...
I am now able to travel deeper and explore who I am from the inside out, instead of from the outside in. 

(think about that for a minute...)

I now am in love with myself and love others much more powerfully and fully than ever before because I am no longer living on the surface level of life or for my physical needs alone.

I now swim in the great 'Divine Orgasm' of my life and I have discovered my life's true purpose.

During my many hours of studies and self explorations with and without partners...

I unearthed some deeply self-empowering concepts about myself, and about us as sexual humans in general. 

These secret discoveries will surely make a profound difference in each aspect of your life and sex when applied correctly.
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You may not know this… But, you are already in love...

You Are The Orgasm Of Your Own Life!

Be in love with yourself because you are the orgasm of your own life.

You burst into action daily as all the joy in the world, completely unto yourself...

Whether you realize this or not...

And that's exactly why I want to help you become more enjoyable to yourself...

As well as to all the people you love in your life, and with whom you've established relationships both romantic and non-romantic.

I want you to experience the ecstasy, joy, vibrancy, and excitement that I feel deep within my body and soul each and every day.


How can I make such a claim, you might ask...?

And I completely accept your skeptical interrogations.

Here's the answer then...

I can simply guarantee this new info I have collected inside each and every paragraph of this ebook: 'The Divine Orgasm'... 

Has never been read, let alone said, penned, or spoken in the most secret rooms of the world in all the history of the planet!

It's Time Some Of The New Fantastic Discoveries About Us As Sexual Humans Is Brought To Light... 
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In fact, this might not be right for you... and that's perfectly fine.

However, I do believe that we could all benefit from having someone take us by the hand and lead us towards a positive and rewarding new opportunity!

Would you agree?

What I'm saying is, at times, we all need a little nudge in the right direction from someone who has been there and done that.

A guide who can show us a faster path to success from first-hand experience.
We all need to be brought back to our epicenter of self-love...

So, that's what this is: a gentle nudge from a friend who has something to show you to help you lead your life.

So that your life can stop leading you!

I'll be a friend and guide that will help you become a master of your own desires...

Instead of having your desires master you.
Now is the perfect time to Unleash Your Divine Orgasm to the world!

Because you truly have so much to giveAnd therefore, so much to receive.

Open yourself up now and receive the abundance of goodwill that has evaded you for far too long.

With these proven secrets for maximum personal development.

Let's begin!

It's Time To Take A Leap Of Faith!

adding time to a decision won't make you more confident... 

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Value Of $667!
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Your Questions - Answered!

Who Is This For?

The 'Divine Orgasm' system is for Creators, Artists, College students/grads, Professionals, Retirees, and anybody else who is looking to tap in and utilize their forgotten gifts and talents for soul fulfillment.

What Will The Divine Orgasm Help Me With Exactly?

I can't give away all of the secrets here. I hope you understand. However, here is a small hint... The 'Divine Orgasm' solution is not out there somewhere, but inside of you. I help people discover their strengths, overcome their weaknesses, and find the driving force that makes the impossible turn into the very possible, usually in just 4 weeks. When you start reading and listening to The Divine Orgasm products you'll instantaneously find the inspiration, and discover the roadmap that boosts your mental, spiritual, and physical capabilities, enabling you to get unprecedented success in your life.

Are There Any Hidden Fees ($37 For All This Seems Low)?

I can assure you that there are no hidden fees, trick continuity plans, or membership sign-ups. I never operate like the scammy marketers you see out there plastering their tacky messages all over the place. I'll always provide the most value possible for as low a price I can afford. I believe when you take advantage of people, you will only get taken advantage of in return. You will find immense value in my products as so many have before you. I give you my word and my personal guarantee.

Why Did You Create 'The Divine Orgasm: Remembering Your Orgasmic Self'? 

God, manifest, love, balance, creating... each and every one of my products is here to help people reprogram their mind with new inspirational, positive and abundant messages, topics and teachings that you can't find anywhere else. 
Value Of $667!
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P.S. If you scrolled to the end of this page, then here's the deal... I'm hooking you up with you my breakthrough system for discovering your inner ecsctasy and realizing your ultimate desires in life, 'The Divine Orgasm' system plus 3 FREE Fast-Action Bonuses only found inside this special offer. This offer is sold on my website for $667, but when you order today you get it for a fraction of that... only $37! There's no risk whatsoever on you because you can try this amazing product for a full 60 days and if it doesnt give you the transformation you're looking for, myself or a member from my team will happily refund every dollar of your investment in yourself. 'The Divine Orgasm' system will help you to reprogram your mind, strengthen your self love, and deepen the depth of your relationships with your partner(s). There are many secrets contained inside this package that have never been heard, read or seen before. Don't miss out! 

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